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Why reading books is good for you ?

Some studies have confirmed that college students get more statistics from paper than screens, emphasizing the choice of real e-books over e-book readers. Observations in Norway show that college students observing printed text perform better in comprehension test analysis than college students observing digitally. 

Regardless of gender, wealth, education, or health, those who study books will stay at Yale University for about a few years longer than those who do not study books. The equivalent affiliation of newspaper readers turned into a decision but is weakened. "Reading a book contributed to a much higher survival rate than reading a newspaper or magazine," the study author writes. "Compared to none e-book readers, e-book readers had a 23-month extension of survival," they found. Deep research fosters empathy and emotional intelligence-a cognitive strategy that can lead to additional threats to survival, the document explained. There is evidence that immersing yourself in a book-oriented environment can help you learn success. We will look at how developing a library in the country not only solves technical problems but also promotes literacy and computing skills. Such skills are becoming more and more important as more and more younger generations seek to master the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Future of Jobs Report of the World Economic Forum shows how talent demands are shifting to softer talents. Some of them can be nurtured through reading. 

In addition to improving emotional and cognitive intelligence, studies also help develop vocabulary, with some concluding that "above average readers are more burdened with the vocabulary boom than regular readers." In addition, Oxford University reports found evidence of a large language gap in British schools. This may hinder the development of education for some children. "Reading aloud, conversations about learning, and objective reporting of undergraduate and home learning can trigger a vocabulary boom," the report said. 

According to the Alzheimer's Association, strengthening your mind can reduce your risk of dementia. Your employer advocates finding what you want to do. It requires your mental situation and is to do it often. B. Analysis of the "hard book". "When you do regular mental exercise, the potential for fighting illness seems to build up," said the social website. "One way to think about it is to use or lose it." The World Economic Forum book club and several similar companies edit analysis lists and provide web space for fiction and non-fiction dialogue.


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