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Advance Diploma in Hardware and Network Engineering (ADHNE)


Introduction of PC.
Concept of Number System.
Basic Electronics.
Concept of Logic Gates.
Power Supply (SMPS, UPS).
Understanding Motherboard.
Concept of BIOS & UEFI
Details about Memory or Storage
Details about Microprocessor
Discuss about Bus Architecture & 
Data Transmission.
Difference between various storage device
Discuss about Monitors
Discuss about Printers
Exploring Laptop
Introduction of windows operating system
Installation & Updating OS.
Working with command Prompt
Concept of removable disk/disk drive & file system
Communication with customers.


Introduction of Internet and Networking
Network devices
Understanding Media & Topology
Discuss about OSI layer & TCP/IP model
Concept of IPv4
Concept Wireless Networking
Connecting & Troubleshooting a Network
Concept Network Security.
Personlity Development Program(PDP)
Spoken English.


Overview Network Fundamental
Introduction of CCNA certification
Cisco IOS Software
LAN switching technology
Routing Technology
WAN Technology
Infrastructure Services
Infrastructure Security
Troubleshoot & Network Management
Concept of Server
User & group Accounts
Concept of Domain
Understanding DHCP
Understanding DNS
Concept of FTP Server
Concept of WDS
Troubleshooting Server.
Projects & Presentation.

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  • Duration 18Months