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Scope of Animation in India

India has been a growing economy and it has been able to do so with so much consistency as a result of the integrating interests. The animation is one of the most demanding industries in the world and India has joined that match by producing great content. Right from letting in foreign studios to set up their hubs to creating films and shows of its own; this nation has outdone itself. The animation is now a mainstream industry in India generating over millions each year.

Big businessmen and industrialists are also investing crores in this sector seeing the great results. If you think of any advertisement which you watch either on television or the internet; has some amount of animated content in it. Even the logos of the brands and films have animators’ touch to them.

Prospect of animation in India

Being an animator there are several opportunities which are scope worthy for an individual. Below we have listed just some of the most popular sectors or job portfolios which people opt for right after completion of their course duration.

  • Art director (films, editing, freelance projects)
  • Storyboard artist
  • E-learning
  • E-commerce content designing
  • Medical explanatory videos
  • Mechanical Engineering manuals
  • Digital marketing companies
  • Production studios
  • Cartoon show design
  • IT firms
  • Advertisement
  • Teach animation at institutes
  • Media houses and etc

These are just some of the top portfolios where people find the most opportunities. The world has become such a small place that nothing limits the career opportunities of a person anymore. If someone has a will then there are hundreds of ways to achieve the goals.

A consistent 30% rise is seen annually in the animation industry. Animators are getting the best packages. People have even started considering being an animator rather than an engineer. These degrees have more value over time than that of engineering. There are ample amount of scope and opportunities available for students who are willing to pursue a career in this field. Animators have freedom of creativity and thought. Who doesn’t desire that? No other profession would give you creative satisfaction like animation is capable of providing.

The scope and prospect are not only limited within a city or nation. Since animated content is desired and most importantly required worldwide, one can seek good-paying jobs across the world. If your dream is to go abroad and work in foreign studios where you get to create your imagination then this is the right path for you. 


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